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Corrective Hair Color

Oops! Accidents happen, but that doesn’t mean you have to walk around with a botched dye job. We’ve all seen the blonde that looks yellow or the roots that are a different shade of color from the rest of the hair—but don’t panic if this happens to you. At Teri’s Studio, Teri Thomson offers hair color correction services for do-it-yourself hair color disasters and unskilled stylist troubles.

Not All Colors Work

Many women and men think they can wear any hair color, but this is not the case. If you already have color or dye on your hair, adding certain chemicals, colors, and dyes can have an adverse and disastrous effect. You should never attempt to color your own hair a different shade if color is already applied; you must leave this up to the pros. Teri can help you turn from a blonde to a vibrant red head, or change your auburn hair color to a beautiful chocolate brown. Color correcting is a time consuming process and can sometimes take multiple visits before getting the look you want. Every corrective service is dramatically different, so a complimentary consultation is required to get the best results.

Go Light or Dark

If you don’t have the heart to tell your stylist you aren’t into your new hair color, or that they didn’t go light or dark enough—simply go elsewhere! Hair color corrections are quite common and happen anytime you put your hair into the hands of an unskilled or sloppy stylist. It’s very important to use a highly-skilled professional and get it right the first time. Not only will you save time and money—you’ll also leave feeling sexy and confident. Teri is extensively trained and can lighten you up or darken your color to the exact shade you want; it doesn’t matter if your hair is blonde, red, brown, purple or black.

Hair color corrections happen. If you are in need of help, don’t panic. Set up an appointment at Teri’s Studio by calling or texting (661) 373-2502 today. Whatever it is you’re looking for, Teri has the experience to correct your coloring blunders at a competitive price.

Happy Customer Reviews!

  • “Very private setting. None of the big salon distractions.”

    Lynn G.

  • “I cannot recommend Teri more to any guy or girl of any age. She is honestly just the best!”

    Ryan A.

  • “I will DEFINITELY RECOMMEND her to anybody.”

    Stephanie C.

  • “I always leave feeling like a million bucks! ”

    Ashley T.

  • “Teri! I love my hair! ”

    Robin L.

  • “I'm counting down the days until I get to come back and get a new Fall look. :)”

    Katie Z.

  • “ I would never trust anyone else to cut my hair short.”

    Brooke J.

  • “Teri is great! ”

    John L.

  • “I highly recommend her! ”

    Mary M.

  • “Every morning when I get ready I fall in love with all over again. ”

    Katie F.

  • “From start to finish I was overly happy that I missed my appointment and found Teri.”

    Aislinn S.

  • “Teri is an amazingly talented stylist that always knows what will look best on me. ”

    Alicia C.

  • “Keeps my hair very fresh and on point.”

    Jacob T.

  • “I came away with the perfect style.”

    Sophie Z.

  • “I LOVE her. ”

    Aislinn S.